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First Love Pupcake Perfume

Roses are red, violets are blue, I smell great, how about you? This appealing and charming fragranc..


Meadow Pupcake Perfume

A delicate and subtle unisex fragrance, Meadow is grassy ,green and succulent with a sweet underton..


Moulin by Pupcake Perfume

Want to feel like you are strolling near the Seine in Paris?  Moulin is a blend of Velvet roses..


Pupcake Perfume - Cake

Pupcake Perfume in Cake smells like your favorite freshly baked vanilla cupcake! The lovely fragrenc..


Pupcake Perfume - Lemon Meringue

Pupcake Perfume's Lemon Meringue scent is a timeless classic that will rival Grandma Betty's pies, a..


Pupcake Perfume - Organic Pink Grapefruit

Pupcake Perfume in Organic Pink Grapefruit is fresh and zesty for any pooch who daydreams about the ..


Pupcake Perfume - Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Pupcake Perfume Pineapple Upsidedown Cake is like a time machine in a bottle, taking you back to the..


Pupcake Perfume - Snickerdoodle

Get your pup in the holiday spirit with Warm Cinammon Pupcake Perfume! This scent will have you dayd..


Spaw Pupcake Perfume

Subtle and pleasant like a wonderful spaw treatment, this blend of nashi pear blossoms and musk is ..


Stud Muffin Pupcake Perfume

Envision an orange 50/50 bar and you have our studmuffin perfume. Fresh orange essential oil and wa..


Tulip's Private Reserve Pupcake Perfume

Tulip likes this delicate blend of freesia blossoms because it doesn’t over power her natural fur de..


Woodsy by Pupcake Perfume

Ziggy likes this manly blend of Orris and Sandlewood sure to make both of you happy!   All..